Friday, May 3, 2013

Book of Samuel Overview


Book of Samuel The Johnson Family Chronicles Book I is a novella which centers around Dr. Samuel Johnson and his family and is set in Savannah, Georgia. 

Stranded in the Savannah, Georgia Airport after a family wedding, Dr. Samuel Johnson his wife and his parents confront their family emotional baggage even as their high-end Louis Vitton luggage makes its way to the families final destination. During his eight-hour layover in Savannah, Samuel—a Gynecologist—discovers the painful secrets that mar his father’s past, suffers through the erratic behavior of his mother, and even his lovely even-keeled wife has acquired an inexplicable hard edge. He is also forced to confront the fact that he has grown weary of his all-consuming medical practice and longs for another life. As tensions rise, more and more secrets are revealed as the airport becomes the family’s battleground. Can Samuel find a way to make things right?