Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Readers' Favorite Five-Star Book Review

Book of Samuel Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"Book of Samuel" by James Robinson is a family drama that unfolds at Georgia. The family of Samuel Johnson is stranded at Savannah airport. The eight hours in the airport is a kind of revelation of his family's behavior. He sees a different side of his parents and his wife. The story, though short, manages to convey an excellent story, a lot of drama and emotions through very deft narration. It was difficult for me to believe a writer could pen such a nice book in just about 70 pages. The story is fast-paced. It keeps the reader going without getting bored. For me the book "Book of Samuel" evoked a lot of emotions. It kind of highlights the drama that is associated with any family and how at times it raises its ugly head especially when it is not required and when the family is put together and have nothing to do. The dialogues are crisp and sharp. The author manages to portray an effective character sketch of all the characters. The language is simple but as you read through the book, the characters and their nuances are felt. I think it speaks about the skill of the writer because the lesser the pages, the more difficult it is to describe. The eight hour layover at Savannah airport is dramatic for the whole family of Dr. Samuel Johnson. Will Dr. Johnson be able to resolve the matter or will it continue once they reach their home?

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